Plum Jerkum are the town of Warwick's very own mixed Border Morris side! We practice every Monday evening, 8.00-10.00pm, in the Northgate Methodist Church Hall on the corner of Barrack Street and Northgate Street in Warwick Town Centre.

PJ dance in the Border Morris tradition which originated in the border counties of England and Wales. We uphold the tradition of wearing colourful rag jackets and paint our faces black, a tradition thought to have ancient origins. In the 1800's, however, this was very much a disguise so that seasonal workers dancing to collect money in the lean winter months would not be recognised by their employers.

Border Morris is a winter tradition but nowadays you can see us all year round at many local and national events and festivals. In early January we can be seen in the village of Long Itchington on our Annual Wassail Tour where we are seen to drive 'evil beasties' from the fruit trees to promote a good harvest for the next year (for even more Plum Jerkum!)

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